I.            INTRODUCTION

The Glades County School District is requesting written proposals from qualified architectural firms to provide Professional Services for the Design Phase for the New Moore Haven Elementary School.


      II.            It is the District’s intention to employ the Firm to provide overall Project Design, Cost Benefit Studies if needed, Information Management, Scope of Work, Technical and Construction Administration Services during the Construction.

   III.            PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS AND GENERAL INFORMATION Proposal Submissions: Submit seven (7) copies of a written proposal no later than 2:00 PM March 8, 2022.

Glades County School District

400 10th Street

Moore Haven, Florida 33471


 Proposals must be responsive to the requirements and questions of the Request for Proposal.

Reservations: The Glades County School Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to negotiate changes in the new scope of work or services to be provided, and to otherwise waive any technicalities or informalities.

Method of Selection: Proposals will be reviewed by the Glades County School District which will recommend a ranking of firms to the Glades County School Board. Presentations may or may not be required. Upon acceptance of the recommendation, negotiations will be entered.

Please respond by including but not limiting your response to the following:

  1. Company name and length of time in business.
  2. Company location.
  3. Availability of time to start and complete project.
  4. Insurance carrier and applicable coverage (errors and omissions).
  5. Qualifications of staff to be utilized on this project with names, short resumes, length of time with firm and previous clients served. Experience must be with submitting firm.
  6. List Special Facilities Construction Account projects within the last ten (10) years with School Board contact person and phone numbers.
  7. Description of previous experience, including current cost models, time schedule, change orders, etc.


NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Request for information shall be in writing - refer all written request to Brian Greseth, at