Administrative Services Department

Admin Service Contact

Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Brian Greseth:  Director of Administrative Services

Orpha Hernandez: Adminstrative Services Secretary

Adult Education

Adult Education

Ms. Beth Vickery:  Adult Education Teacher

Ms. Anna Figueroa:  Adult Education Teacher

Food and Nutrition Services

Mark Wilson:  Food Service Supervisor

Judy McGee: Food and Nutrition Services Manager at Moore Haven Elementary School

Amanda McRoy: Food and Nutrition Services Manager at Moore Haven Middle High School

Melanie Seales: Food and Nutrition Services Manager at West Glades School

Instructional Technology

Frank Maznicki- Supervisor of Instructional Technology


MaintenanceAl Brown-  Supervisor of Maintenance

School Safety

A division of Administrative Services

Transportation Services

Transportation ServicesRoberta Moore: Supervisor of Transportation

Angie WhiteBanda: Transportation Secretary/Driver Trainer

Adult Education Curriculum Frameworks

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Are We There Yet? Staying Safe Between Home and School

Career and Technical Education

Controlled Open Enrollment Application

2018 Economic Security Report

FortifyFL-How Does it Work?

Glades Truancy Program

Policy Against Bullying and Harrassment

Bid Proposals - RFP's

5-Year Work Plans